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Produce an E-R diagram, which documents the entities and relationships involved in the Employee information and Payroll system. Create a relational schema to held information and perform normalization to the tables and fully implement the code using MS-Acess/FOXPRO/DBASE/ or any similar package. Provide necessary documentation for the project.

Note: Assumptions can be made where ever necessary.


Pay is the key to work. It is very important from the organization’s as well as employee’s prints of view. It is with this system an organization maintains its good will among its employees. This important calculation cannot be error-prone or mistimed. So, matter of importance. Computerization of the systems does this to a large extent. This prime aim calls for the Computerized Employee Payroll System.

E-R Diagram

Without understanding the relationship between an employee with his organization we cannot build the payroll system. The below E-R Diagram illustrates the relationship between an employee and an organization, only then we would be able to design the process that needs to be computerized to build the system.

The diagram documents the entities and relationships involved in the employee information and payroll system. It depicts the fundamental relations like recording personnel information, paying salary and getting a loan.

The E-R Diagram for a Employee Payroll system can be simple as well as complex

It can be as simple as below:

Or it can be more complex then above:
Or It can much more complex then above
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