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System Analysist and Designing


CS05 2001 Project - Click to download

CS05 Jan 2002 Project - Click to download

QUE: IGNOU gives notification for admission to various programs as offered by it every year. A lot of students apply for admission. But, students are admitted on the following basis:

a) A student holds the requisite qualifying degree.

b) S/he is having minimum percentage marks in the qualifying degree as specified in the notification.

c) The draft for the requisite amount is enclosed and is payable as specified in notification.

d) Enclosed true copies of SSC certificate and qualifying degree.

If the student satisfies all of the above steps, then he should be informed that Admission is granted to him. If the student doesnot satisfy any of the above requirements, then he should be informed that Admission is not granted as he did not fulfil the requirements. The requirement not satisfied by the student should be specified to him.

Students are required to study this problem and suggest the appropriate mechanism for computerizing the operation.

You should do the project as indicated below:

i) Design several levels of DFDs.

ii) Suggest appropriate data structures, tables for each module.

iii) Identify the number of modules for computerization.

iv) Write the process logic for each module nearer to any programming language.

v) Suggest various input screens and validation checks for various types of input.

vi) Produce complete analysis and design document.



Data Structures and Trees

System analysis

System Designing

Use case Vs. Dataflow diagrams

Request for Proposals (RFP)

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